• Natural Products

    When its important to use natural products or you want to make sure its safe for a child, then a natural product may be the way to go.

    Natural Products 
  • Products with Wetting agents for great results

    Having wetting agents can really make the difference when dealing with a dry nose. saline alone or even natural alone may not be enough.

    Wetting Agent based products 
  • For Congestion when drugs are needed

    While long term use is not recommended, some times you just need a drug to get the congestion relief you need. That is when you may need Rhinase D. Rhinase D has the wetting agents, dual salts to provide a great formulation to help with congestion.

    Rhinase D for Congestion 

Collection: Nasal Decongestant - Oxymetazoline

When you need the power of oxymetazoline to deal with nasal congestion, Rhinase-D may be for you.  Not only does it have oxymetazoline, it also has dual wetting agents as well as both sodium and potassium salts to give you the best chance for moisturizing success.
Nasal Decongestant - Oxymetazoline